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Homeschool Style Quiz: Feeling overwhelmed by so many curriculum choices?

No more curriculum overload!

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If you have seen my Youtube Channel you know I’ve been around the block in regards to using various curriculums. It’s just in my nature to research and get my hands on curricula to fully understand all that it has to offer. I actually enjoy it and joke that I am a curriculum junkie. (I promise my husband doesn’t mind because I try to make it a point to resell or pass on what we don’t use. Love you and your patience with me, Caleb.)

So what benefit does that have for my family or our homeschool? To some it may seem I cannot make up my mind, and for a time, that was true. But really, it is so much more than that.

Being a homeschooling family isn’t one big decision of, “Yes, we’re going to homeschool.” and now that that’s decided, all the hard questions are out of the way. Homeschooling is a conscious decision we make everyday to provide our family with learning opportunities that will strengthen, stretch, and grow our children to become responsible men and women. It reminds me a lot of how we express; a conscious commitment to commitment each day.

In order to effectively live out those decisions, homeschool families have to evaluate and decide what curriculum is best for their family, and sometimes for each child. It can feel like a daunting task and often overwhelming. But I feel deep within my nerdy soul, that I never want the overwhelm of curriculum to stop anyone from homeschooling. There is no need when so many homeschool moms like me have gotten our hands messy for years in the muck and mire of the constantly changing resources available to us. These resources are plentiful and a blessing. Sometimes we just need others to help us see them for what their worth by wading through it with us!

Enter the coupling of my weird curricula obsession, and my burning desire to share my knowledge with you-

My Homeschool Curriculum Quiz aims to help you decide which homeschool style will fit your family right now. The quiz takes less than five minutes and gives you a clear, concise description of the style that fits you best. After the quiz you, will be given a unique google doc link that has my top curriculum choices for that style (Christian and secular) with hyperlinks that will be updated periodically as I continue my research.

May this quiz serve your family well and revive your homeschool!

If you still feel overwhelmed or want me to help you one-on-one then I have tha too! Head on over to my Homeschool Consultation Form. I’d love to chat all things homeschool with you!

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